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Thursday, January 29, 2015

I Can Statements--what are these?

With all of the quick checks that your kinder is bringing home, here are the "I Can Statements" that go with them.  These are the "meat and potatoes" of what kinders need to master at the end of Kindergarten to be ready for 1st grade learning.
Remember, M=mastery of the standard, P=progressing toward expectation, and AC=area of concern.  Please keep watching for these quick checks to come home to gauge your kinder's performance.  Please let me know if there is anything else that you want clarification on!  As always, thank you for your awesome support!!--Mrs. Fisher

These can also be found on the district webpage on the right-hand side of the homepage!

We are fluent readers!!!

We are working on fluency!  Check out these two stories read by our very own kinders!  Our readers for these books will be listed on the Title page under authors!!  Keep checking back for more work and news important to KF!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Check this out!!

Just found a great resource that families can use to guide their reading at home!  I found this while surfing the web and wanted to make it available to you all!  This is from the blog "Crayons & Whimsy".  We all need quick reminders to keep us focused when we are reading with our kinders!  Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


During this point in the school year I would really encourage families to be continuing work in the area of blending individual sounds into whole words, and segmenting sounds in words.  You can do this in multiple different ways.  I will give you a few examples, but please try to find things that interest your kinder by searching Google or Pinterest using phrases such as "kindergarten segmenting sounds", "kindergarten nonsense word fluency" and "kindergarten word blending" to tailor your work at home to their specific needs. With these searches be looking for activities that will reinforce the same type of behaviors as I outline below!
While driving home from grocery shopping try giving your kinder a CVC (consonant/vowel/consonant) word and tell him/her to say all the sounds in that word.
Adult: "Tell me all the sounds in pan."
Kinder: "/p/ /a/ /n/"
You will eventually move into words that have blends at the beginning or end of the word, multiple syllables, or compound words to continue to challenge their segmenting skills.

Next try having the adult start with segmenting the sounds in a word and having your kinder blend the sounds together to make a word.
Adult: "Here are sounds I hear in a word.  What word am I saying?  /s/ /m/ /a/ /sh/"
Kinder: "Smash."
Again, start with easier CVC words and then move into more difficult words.

When you are home, try taking this a step further and encourage your kinder to then write the sounds that they hear!  The reading and writing connection is so strong, try to keep reinforcing both with each skill you practice!
Here are some links I have found helpful when practicing these skills at school!  Enjoy!--Mrs. Fisher

Communication With Families

Hello All!
As an educator I have really tried to stay current on new ways to accelerate student learning in my classroom.  A great way of doing this is to find ways to extend and expand learning beyond school by empowering families to continue our work at home!  I have always relied on a printed classroom newsletter to communicate monthly focus skills, but now I want to push that newsletter further by proving a digital resource for you to use at home!  I hope this blog will serve purpose of finding links and activities for you to do with your kinder at home to mirror our learning here at school!  Please consider becoming a member for this site so we can continue to keep in touch!--Mrs. Fisher