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Monday, February 1, 2016

Goal Setting with Kindergarten Learning Targets

Today your kinder sat down to review their FAST test scores and to engage in some personal goal setting.    Today you will see a gold Learning Target Goal sheet in your kinder’s folder.  

Learning Target Goal Sheet (look in your kinder's folder today!)
This goal(s) was hand-selected by your kinder from all of our Kindergarten learning targets.  We talked about:
*their individual level of performance on that skill
*ways to work on the skill at school
*and also ways to work on that skill at home.

Learning Target Goal Sheets...each student has one in their conference folder!
Ask to see it at conferences!!

Please make it a point to talk with your kinder tonight about the goal(s) they picked.  Our hopes of picking just one or two goals is that we will focus our extra learning time to practice that particular skill.  On a weekly basis I will try to test each student on their individual goal to share progress or to plan how to meet their needs better if they aren’t making progress.

Once they meet their goal, your kinder will put up a Bobcat paw on our Learning Targets graph.  There are no names marking the paws, so each student will feel comfort to learn at their own pace; but will still see when others are mastering a goal and will feel a gentle nudge to work on that particular skill as well.

Our Learning Target Graph bulletin board...can't wait to put some paws up!  First testing day is Friday!
In addition to putting the Bobcat paw on the Learning Target graph, your kinder will be bringing a goal certificate home.  I will sign it, your kinder will sign it, and they will also take a trip down to the office to do a little bragging in front of Mr. Junge.  They are VERY motivated to tell him when they master a goal, so this will be fun!  Try to save the goal certificates when they come home and display them in a place so your kinder can reflect on their progress.

Our goal certificate!  Make sure you think about a place to put these when they come home!

Thank you all so much for all of your support.  We are all in this together!  As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!--Kim