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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pumpkin Investigations

This past week the kinders in both Mrs. Kimm's and Mrs. Fisher's rooms studied about the pumpkin's life cycle.  Some words that your kinder should have been able to highlight within the pumpkin cycle are:
*green pumpkin
*orange pumpkin

We read a lot of books that were on our instructional levels.  A lot of these books are accessible via the internet if you search for free printable books.  You can always find these, print them off, and read them at home as well!  If you are ever looking for  resources at home, I encourage you to search for things on Pinterest (I'm slightly addicted!!).

To end our week's learning, we conducted a pumpkin investigation in the MakerSpace.  For this investigation each kinder got a little pumpkin.  With it they measured how tall with blocks, counted how many lines were on their pumpkin, drew their pumpkin, and decided if it was small/medium/big.

Then we made a prediction if their pumpkin would float or sink in water.  This was the best part of the investigation because most of them thought their pumpkins would sink.  It was so fun to see their faces light up when their pumpkins actually floated.  It is so fun to have a space within our building that lends itself so well to messy learning!!  If you ever want to know how you can support the MakerSpace with donations of things you no longer need at home, please email me!  We love getting new priceless treasures!


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Friday, October 23, 2015

Bloomsbury and Reading Buddies

Wow, our field trip day was a BUSY day.  Our morning started with yummy muffins and fruit (provided by the BCPTO!!  THANK YOU!!) for our Breakfast Buddies.  Here are a couple pictures of our Breakfast Buddies!

We also went to Bloomsbury Farm on Friday morning (also paid for by BCPTO!!).  Our morning was full of a hayrack ride...

We had 3 awesome parent volunteers...THANKS!!

We also went on the Jumping Pillows...

the corn box and slides...

Barnyard Buddies...

Western Town...

and tire maze...

Even the teachers had fun!!

It was a great day to enjoy each other, appreciate our awesome community, and remember how great it is to be in this great school district where our BCPTO and district administration believe in the importance of providing opportunities for learning outside of the classroom walls!  

Keep following along with our learning on Twitter (I post a lot more frequently there!!) @Mrs_KFisher  We have so many great learning experiences to share with you all!!