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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Welcoming a New Batch of #KFkinders

Hello!  I am so excited to welcome another batch of #KFkinders to you all!  We have had an awesome start to the school year.  I have enjoyed learning their names, personalities, and their families.  All around some great Bobcats to take on the 2016-2017 year.
As you may know, but some of you may not...we have a set of Priority Standards that we will use to assess your kinder's skills throughout the year.  These Priority Standards will be reflected on the report card, and will be communicated with you through activities, emails, conferences, Twitter messages, blog posts, Instagram pictures, etc.  Here is a snapshot of the Priority Standards that we will use in #KFkinders this year.
Along with the Priority Standards, there are Learning Targets.  These are written in a student-friendly version to explain what the Priority Standard is stating.  Your kinder will be learning these Learning Targets and will use this language throughout the year to communicate their learning.  We will begin short-term goal setting after a few weeks of being in school.  To do this, students will meet with me on a weekly basis to discuss what Learning Target they would like to focus their learning around.  We will have time throughout the day to work on these goals, but your kinder and I will also talk about what they can do at home with you to be successful at growing within this Learning Target.  If there are resources that I can help provide to accomplish their goal, I will address that during their goal setting meeting.  You will either get an audio clip of our goal setting meeting or a paper copy of what we discussed so you can help support their learning needs at home as well.  We are all really in this together!  As we roll out this goal setting process in a few weeks, I will write another blog post explaining (in further detail) how it will look!  And I will use email to distribute the link each time that I write a new blog post to make sure it is easy for you all to check into our learning!

That's all for now!  Please let me know if there is ever ANYTHING you would like clarification on, have questions on, or would like to just talk about.  I'm here WITH you!  Keep rocking the home front because you all have obviously done a great job with raising such fun kiddos!  I'm excited to see all the growth ahead of us!  Here's one more picture for you all showing our letter today...LETTER A!  They are too cute not to show another picture!--Kim

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